• Discover, develop, and articulate your Designer's Identity

    Throughout the program, Jens will allocate most of the coaches, weekends, and trainings. He is the first go-to in case anything happens, for both coaches and apprentices.


    Feel free to reach out!


    Jens Gijbels

    Head of Education


    +31 6 2843 5640

  • The team!

  • life coaches, design coaches & mentors

    A life coach is a trained coach (not in the field of design) that will help tackle personal issues and challenges. Together with the life coach, the apprentices can work on topics that are holding them back, or enhance the strongpoints they have. Feel free to discuss any topic here.

    Life Coach

    All coaches contributing to this program are from Fundamentals and experienced in both design and coaching. We will rely on them for coaching projects, offering trainings, hosting the weekends, or supporting the development in the assessments. In addition, they are a valuable link to the professional network, offering job opportunities and work experience.

    Design Coach

    A mentor is not offered by us, but it is a required element. We expect apprentices to find a mentor that they look up to, that they can learn a lot from, and could help them out in different stages of their development. The apprentice will need to convince the mentor to invest time in him/her. The mentor will be a valuable asset to their further development and can be included in some elements of our program, such as the development assessment or the endorsement of the title on your certificate