Designer's Identity 2017/2018

    Our 2019 program covers almost 4 months in total. The core program consists of bi-weekly 3-day sessions, in which we'll guide you through engaging workshops, relevant projects, and a revealing war room to boost your Designer's Identity.


    Along the line, our coaches are available to guide you in applying your identity to your professional context, whether that is a job, a start-up, or the search for a job.

    The core program

    In a set of short and dense modules, we love to see you go the extra mile, show your potential, and discover your professional identity. Since we have time between the modules, you can apply the content to your work or to a personal endeavour. Find out all about the topics we offer via the button below.

    Intensive Coaching

    During the 3.5 months part-time program, we will coach you on several levels. A life-coach supports your personal well-being and further explores your work/life balance. The design coaches will support your professional growth. A culture coaches will work on how you can further develop yourself in a professional context. Read all about what we offer in our last months together.