Designer's Identity 2017/2018

    Our program covers almost 9 months in total. For the first 3 months, we'll guide you through engaging workshops, relevant projects, and a revealing war room to boost your Designer's Identity. Then, when you're ready to apply your renewed professional lifestyle, we will stay with you for another 6 months with coaching and an apprenticeship.

    First 3 months

    We start with a reset of your professional life. In a set of short and dense modules, we love to see you go the extra mile, show your potential, and discover your professional identity. We expect our participants to join us anywhere we go, for as long as needed to get the most out of this journey.

    Last 6 months

    After the 3 months full-time program, you can start your own company, find the job you love, start your own project. We will stay close, just to ensure you find your path. Read all about what we offer in our last months together.