• Moving towards a new edition, starting

    Februari 2020

  • A professional boost for designers

    A boost to your designer's identity can come in handy at very different moments in life. Maybe you recognise one of the following moments?

    - You have a great job in design, but feel like you can do more.

    - You want to challenge yourself more and increase your contribution to your organisation.

    - You are in search for a design/innovation job, but you struggle to articulate your strengths and values.

    - You want to start a new and challenging project, but lack support.

    Then maybe it's time to join our program for the 2020 edition!

    For who?

    You are a designer, skilled, motivated, ready to go the extra mile, and eager to further develop your identity as a designer. Maybe you graduated recently and is your search for 'what now' keeping you awake. Maybe you are a bit further in your career and 'what's next' keep going round in your head. We need your great character and motivation more than your fully-developed set of design-skills. A relevant bachelor/master degree is welcomed, but not obligatory. We love to learn more about your achievements in your portfolio.

  • some Elements of our program

    What to expect?

    Coaching on Work

    We love to see you sweat

    While working for one of our real clients and relevant projects, our design coaches shadow and follow your work closely. During this time we will offer feedback, support, and coaching as we go. Your experiences and reflections on this are vital to your development program.

    Training and Deep Dives

    We wish you more knowledge

    We offer full-day trainings that we program together with the participants. Coaches of our program have some things in mind (what we value as professionals from the work field), and we need you to add to this (what you would love to learn). In Deep Dives, we offer a longer-term moment to build a moral compass, become more aware of your identity, or be king of your process.

    Life coaches

    We need to know you're okay

    A life coach is a trained coach (not in design) that will help tackle personal issues and challenges. Together with the life coach, you can work on topics that are holding you back, or enhance your strongpoints. Feel free to discuss any topic here. Focus is on strengthening personal qualities, reduce insecurities, be more self-aware, and more self-directed.

    Design Coaches

    We want to introduce you to our world

    All the coaches engaged in our program, are designers from the work field. They can show you how they run their businesses or projects, they can share famous failures and great successes, they can build new projects with you. It's the gold that makes a valuable network for the future.


    If you like us to keep you informed about this program, please use this form. If you have any other questions or just want to say hi, you can also choose to reach out directly via team@fundamentalsacademy.nl.