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    Our selection process is simple. Let us know you are interested, and we will contact you. We will schedule a meeting to learn more about your motivation and reasons to join. After we aligned expectations, we love to meet you and introduce you to our alumni and coaches. There, we want to further discover your fit to our program, taking a look at your current portfolio and the core question you bring. Based on this, the coaches involved can provide feedback to the candidates and add their personal verdict:

    • YES! I would love to work with you, please join;
    • MAYBE LATER. I feel you’re not a match yet. I’d love to see you develop...;
    • NO. I do not think you are a match to our program.

    All candidates will receive feedback from all the coaches, regardless of the decision.


    Application deadline for 2022/23 (starting September 2022): August 19th 2022

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