• For who?

    You are a designer - or you want to boost your designer's perspective. You are skilled, motivated, ready to go the extra mile, and eager to further develop your identity as a professional. Maybe you graduated recently and your search for 'what now' keeps you awake. Maybe you are a bit further in your career and 'what's next' keeps going round in your head. We need your great character and motivation more than your fully-developed set of design skills. A relevant bachelor/master degree is welcomed, but not obligatory. We love to learn more about your achievements in an intake meeting.


    We require an attendance of 1 day a week. We focus on (recent) graduates and designers from the work-field that need a professional reset. However, we are open to explore other target groups or individual cases.


    Applicants from Europe are welcomed automatically. If you are from outside of Europe, please consult our team before applying.