• For who?

    If you are a junior designer, skilled, motivated, ready to go the extra mile, and eager to develop your identity as a designer, then we are looking for you. We need your great character and motivation more than your fully-developed set of design-skills. We ask for your full dedication during this program. A relevant bachelor/master degree is welcomed, but not obligatory. We love to learn more about your achievements in your motivation letter, sent together with your application.


    Applicants from Europe are welcomed automatically. If you are from outside of Europe, please consult our team before applying.

  • Career Doubters

    You have been working in the field of design for some years now, and find yourself eager to renew your position. Why not take a moment, rethink your passion for design and kickstart your next steps?

    Recent Graduates

    You just received your (design) degree. The world is yours to conquer - and you've got skills. But you have no idea yet how to articulate your professional identity as a designer, leaving you clueless.

    Design Laymen

    You have been working in design related fields, although it is not your official background. You love to learn more about design and deepen existing knowledge about the field and its lingering potential.