• 6 months coaching, training, and apprenticeship.

    After the 3 months full-time program, you can start your own company, find the job you love, start your own project. We will stay close, just to ensure you find your path. Read all about what we offer in our last months together.

  • we'll stay close

  • Design Coach

    You can choose a designer from our team to be your design coach. He or she can guide you in your search for a professional designer's lifestyle.

    (monthly session)


    Life-coaches are well-trained coaches with a psychological background. They can support you with anything blocking your development.

    (monthly session)

    Additional Training

    After our 3 months track, there might still be specific topics to tackle. We will offer additional trainings in the last months.

    (bi-monthly session)

    Team Sessions

    You can always learn from each other. You are in the same moment in time, although the journeys can be very different. We offer group sessions to further discuss what's happening in life.

    (bi-monthly session)

    Mini War Room

    The extensive war room is very important in our program. However, we believe that identity is fluid. We are very curious to how you would articulate your identity after your 5-months search.

    (2 days workshop)

    Summer Expo

    We close off our program early summer, with an expo of all of the participants. Showing you, and your achievements, celebrating life and what to do with it. Family and friends are welcome!

    (public expo)

  • apprenticeship

  • Apprenticeships

    We believe that during this program, we will learn all about you and your skills. That's why we would love to continue to work with you! The great thing about the apprenticeship is that you get to work with our partners, extend your portfolio, meet new coaches, and support our academy while doing this. And yet, it is imaginable that these days do not work in your situation (e.g. when you live abroad or work full-time). Either way, we love having you on-board!

    These opportunities will be offered between January 2019 and March 2020. You can opt to not join the apprenticeship. Please check the fee and facts page for more info.

  • How It Works


    We have work

    We actively search for relevant work experience opportunities, tailored to your skills and qualities.


    You join the team

    You will join our team of professional designers on a project, and contribute to our process and execution.


    And share your work

    You can always add the apprenticeship project to your portfolio. We aim to document our projects visually.