• Bi-weekly modules

    We start with a reset of your professional life. In a set of short and dense modules, we love to see you go the extra mile, show your potential, and discover your professional identity. During these months, we expect your full attention during our modules. In between, you can apply our content to your own context (company, start-up, or the search for a job).


    During the bi-weekly modules, expect long work-days, possibly abroad or in different cities for parts of it. We expect our participants to join us anywhere we go, to get the most out of this journey.

  • DENSE POWERMODULES (3-4 days each)

  • 6 relevant experiments

    They last 3 to 4 days, cover one topic, and may occur abroad. Our 6 experiments, with dedicated coaches and time to go wild.

    Set culture

    What is our culture? Who are you and what do you bring to the team? What is it you want to develop/learn? We hope to find this all out in our retreat in the rural part of Holland.

    Field of Design

    The field of design is very diverse and quite difficult to grasp. Together with designers from the work field, you will discover the variety and width of our field. Where on the map are you?


    Creating stuff is still a very important part of the designer's job. We use tangible things to express ourselves, to explain complex stories, or to convince others. What can we learn from your artefacts?


    Design thinking is used more and more in complex or systems thinking. We have noticed that with this change, designers are asked to challenge systems, not just problems.

    Moral Compass

    Designers tend to make decisions all day long. But in the end, our decisions have impact on the lives of people. What is your dominant moral compass? Can you change it? Do you want to change?


    This is where you can do whatever you believe is most relevant for your development. At this time, we had most of our program, so you can choose one last big thing to work on.

  • ONE real project

    Client Project

    During this project, you can quickly identify how you work in a professional setting, and how others do this. You are the direct link to a client. Coaches from the work field will coach you, but you are in the lead. You can show your full potential here, and create magic in the time given

  • Wrapping up

    War Room

    For two weeks, you get the opportunity to build a timeline of your life, showing your personal life and how education and jobs have been contributing to your current state. This is a very personal, rough, but fruitful process. It has been designed together with Erwin Elling, specialised in Creative Intelligence.

    Portfolio and Strategy

    After the war room, we spend one more week to build your portfolio and strategy (your plan to continue with after our program). With this material, we will work towards our final expo

    Spring Expo

    Here, we'll invite our network, all the coaches, and your family to celebrate the achievements of you in the program.